Visiting his blog site today frankviola.org I have noticed that his everyday blog post site, Frank Viola Author is really not only a prodigious writer/author but a very active blogger as well.  Visit his homepage and first thing that you will see are the tabs of all his blogs categorize into Mission, Spirituality, Church, Rethinking, Writing, Humor, Reviews and Advertise.  Clicking each one of those tabs I am surprised to find that they are all functioning tabs and not just eye candy for his homepage and they are all full of content.  It just shows us that he is a very organized fellow.  Unlike most other contemporaries, Frank Viola shows to us that you can be all you want to be, enjoying it while you are at it and at the same time be firm in your beliefs in life.  Clicking on one of the tabs, humor I saw for the 1st time Frank Viola’s lighter side.  He is a funny fellow as well as shown by this cartoon that is attached to one of his older post in his blog at the category of Humor.  It made me laugh the heck out of myself.  Here is a Christian author making use of clean humor out of a biblical character and being successful in invoking the desired effect.  Which is for me just shows you the virtuosity of the person Frank Viola Author is. 

There are few authors out there that I know that can successfully juggle the task of being a Writer, Author, Blogger, Podcaster and Comic as Author Frank Viola and for me a phrase comes to my mind.  “What skills God gave you is his gift to you, and what becomes of you because of those skills is your gift to God” Again an inspirational effect has been evoked by reading and in my case just browsing at his blog site that can act as my guide for today to be better in what I have so that I can be a testament to the creation of God.  This for me is the message that Frank Viola the Author is trying to tell me on my visit today to his blog site.  I hope you will too when you visit his blog site frankviola.org or read his books.